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The CMAS Center connects thousands of modelers in over 50 different countries. Part of this community is developing new model components to improve the representation of local air quality issues, add state-of-the-science algorithms, extend the modeling tools to address new questions, and add diagnostic information to the model outputs. Other development activities are researching computational optimizations to improve the speed and efficiency of the models and fixing bugs in the source code. This section of the CMAS Wiki is available for the air quality model development community to exchange information and ideas about current activities and pressing issues surrounding open-source model development.

Other members of the air quality model development community are encouraged to add content to these pages. The information exchanged here does not need to be restricted to only the I/O API-based models (i.e. SMOKE and CMAQ). Any development issues related to air quality modeling, including for simulating meteorology and emissions, can be presented.

Developers Resources

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