Community Development

Use this page to track current developments in air quality and emissions modeling.

Chemistry-transport models

  • CMAQ AMSTERDAM/MADRID - developed by AER, Inc. on CMAQv4.6. Sectional aerosol model with optional advanced plume treatment (APT) for plume-in-grid. Available through the CMAS Center.
  • CMAQ-DDM - developed by Georgia Tech on CMAQv4.6, added to CMAQv4.7 by US EPA. Decoupled direct method for source attribution. Available through the CMAS Center.
  • CMAQ-Adjoint - developed by Virginia Tech, Cal Tech, and University of Houston on CMAQv4.5. Chemical data assimilation method. Limited release available by request from Virginia Tech.
  • CMAQ Tagged Species - developed by ICF for EPA OAQPS on CMAQv4.6. Tagged emissions species with active tracers. Unsure of availability.
  • CMAQ-TSSA - developed by UC-Riverside on CMAQv4.4. Tagged emissions species with passive tracers. Limited release available from UCR.
  • CMAQ-VGRID - developed by UNC IE on CMAQv4.6. Variable grid version of CMAQ for two-way nesting. Still in development.
  • WRF-CMAQ - developed by US EPA on CMAQv4.7. Coupled meteorology-chemistry version of CMAQ. Still in development.

Emissions models

Analysis Visualization

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