2008 Ad Hoc Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes from the 2008 Ad Hoc Developers Meeting

Date: October 7, 2008
Place: Chapel Hill, NC


Meeting facilitated by Zac Adelman (UNC). Meeting started with introductions, who is in attendance, what are you doing, and what interests you in being involved in the ad hoc developers meeting. Questions that we would like to discuss:
* what do the developers need from CMAS?
* what does CMAS need from the developers?
* developers code archive vs. tar ball/CVS distribution

Many of the attendees expressed the need for better documentation about CMAQ, particularly technical documentation. There is interest in having cross-references to scientific papers and technical presentations in documentation about the model science.

Free data availability is something that members of the community would like to see.

Linkages to other development activities should be maintained through the CMAS

Online educational materials that explain to students what AQM's can and cannot do.

A utility like a code browser would be helpful (see wrfbrowser). Software engineering tools to help understand the CMAQ codes would be helpful.

CMAS needs to establish a formal process for distributing patches for the code.

Maintaining a frequently asked questions area would benefit the community

The development community needs an information clearinghouse for model documentation, other developments, and discussion threads about development

How can CMAS engage the community to develop on the models. The code structure is difficult to follow. There is a need for enforcing true modularity in the CMAQ code. Object oriented CMAQ. Modularity will help drive more development. A reason that the code is so dynamic is that changing computational architectures has made the code a moving target. Modularity doesn't mean that the code needs to be overstructured.

Performance improvements could be made by moving primitive variables into include files. There are currently uncentralized constants that make the code difficult to read.

There was also interest in a better forum for communication than the listservs. The idea of a Wiki was proposed by a few different people.

Immediate needs/deliverables:

  • ideas repository that includes possible code issues and problems
  • code wishlist, what would you like to see happen in CMAQ
  • development wishlist, what needs to be worked on now
  • community activities, what are others doing for development work in the community


Name Organization Email Interest
Jeff Young US EPA young.jeff(at)epa.gov code architecture, parallelization, advection
Shawn Roselle US EPA roselle.shawn(at)epa.gov aerosols, clouds, code integration, Grell convection
Frank Binkowski UNC frank_binkowski(at)unc.edu aerosols, in-line photolysis, hemispheric CMAQ
Adel Hanna UNC ahanna(at)unc.edu coupled meteorlogy-chemistry, radiative feedbacks
Rohit Mathur US EPA mathur.rohit(at)epa.gov atmospheric transport and chemistry
Jon Pleim US EPA pleim.jon(at)epa.gov WRF-CMAQ, boundary layer dynamics, land-surface modeling
Alison Eyth UNC eyth(at)unc.edu software development, visualization
Christian Hogrefe NYSDEC chogrefe(at)dec.state.ny.us air quality forecasting
Paula Davidson NOAA paula.davidson(at)noaa.gov air quality forecasting, ozone, aerosols
Maudood Khan GAEPD maudood_khan(at)dnr.state.ga.us control strategy development, land-surface modeling, satellite data assimilation
Sergey Napelenok US EPA napelenok.sergey(at)epa.gov DDM, secondary organic aerosols
Uma Shankar UNC ushankar(at)unc.edu secondary organic aerosols, aerosol dynamics
George Delic HiPERiSM Consulting george(at)hiperism.com code optimization, divergence between code and architecture
Sarav Arunachalam UNC sarav(at)unc.edu PAH's, variable grid modeling, teaching, model distribution
Antara Diger Rice University digarant(at)gmail.com DDM applications, higher-order reactions
Talat Odman Georgia Tech odman(at)gatech.edu transport, DDM, forecasting, prescribed fires
Prakash Karamchandani AER, Inc. pkk(at)aer.com Plume in Grid, MADRID aerosols
Jaroslav Resler ICS AS resler(at)cs.cas.cz data assimilation, adjoint modeling
Fong Ngan U. of Houston fngan(at)mail.uh.edu meteorology
Wie Zhou Rice University zhouwei(at)rice.edu biodiesel air quality impacts, power plant emissions
Jack Chen NRC jack.chen(at)nrc-cnrc.gc.ca climate-air quality interactions
Andrea Fraser AEA, Inc. andrea.fraser(at)aeat.co.uk chemical mechanisms, MCM
Armin Aulinger GKSS aulinger(at)gkss.de PAH's, benzo-a-pyrene
Prakash Bhave US EPA bhave.prakash(at)epa.gov aerosols, secondary organic aerosols, coarse PM, heterogeneous chemistry
Weimin Jiang NRC weimin.jiang(at)nrc-cnrc.gc.ca PM size cutoffs, GEM-MCIP, secondary organic aerosols, MAQM
Zac Adelman UNC zac(at)unc.edu emissions and air quality modeling, gas phase chemistry mechanisms
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